Five reasons Biden’s infrastructure deal is….a big deal

Expect progressive politicians from AOC to Bernie Sanders to quietly accuse President Biden and moderate Democrats of kowtowing to GOP demands on infrastructure. Indeed, on the surface, it would appear they are right. Biden’s initial $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan was watered down to just $580 billion in the “bipartisan deal” that Biden is now backing. But, peer behind the numbers, and you’ll find some surprises.

Narrow Path to Success

Biden’s initial “infrastructure” plan was better described as a wish list of Democratic objectives. …

Caren, you are right.

Imagine if you are playing a game of chess. Before the game begins, your opponent looks to you and say, "I will win this game, but if I don't, you cheated." After the game is over and you've won....would you give ANY weight to claims of cheating made by your opponent?

You wouldn't. No one would.

Yet this is precisely what Trump did. He began calling the election rigged in April. He stood in front of roaring crowds and told them flat out that he would win.... or Biden cheated. I did some deep dives on this here:

And yet, million of Americans are drinking the kool aid.

Trump isn't playing by the rules. He doesn't care about law, he would have overthrown democracy if he could. He is unfit to run again and quite frankly, he should be in prison for treason.

"Suddenly the Land of the Free became the land of unemployment and mass detainments and bread lines."

I don't see where you are getting this.

I have seen no "mass detainments." I have seen some arrests due to anti-maskers throwing fits at Walmart/Costco, but that is the action of private companies...not an "totalitarian" government stifling freedom.

These "bread lines" you refer to have nothing to do with government rationing, as seems to be implied, but rather mass panic buying of stables, as is common during an emergency.

As for unemployment, the government stepped in an provided backstops against mass unemployment…

But Which Will Be the First to Fly?

Unnamed Lunar Rocket-Photo Courtesy of

The next ten years promises to be the era of the “super” rocket. Companies in the United States and China are reviving the long lost dream of building rockets large enough to take humans to the Moon and beyond. The question is, which launch system will be the first to space, and can these new mega rockets escape extinction, unlike their ancestors.

The Original Super Rockets

Most rockets are limited in that they can only launch under 30 metric tons into Earth orbit. They also lack the punch required to place human-rated spacecraft to the Moon and beyond.

So called Super Heavy Lift Launch…

From boxed-in to outside the box

Source pasja1000 via Pixabay

As Congress debates how to pay for Biden’s infrastructure plan, it is again neglecting the most logical of policy choices. Biden’s infrastructure ambition seeks to make much needed investments into American roads, green energy, bridges, and broadband. Such investments are long overdue and will help keep the country competitive into the 21st century. But funding them is dividing an ideologically tunnel-visioned Washington.


Biden and the GOP managed to box themselves in early on during negotiations regarding funding. Biden has demanded that his bill cannot raise the national debt, he refuses to raise taxes on families making less than $400k a…

And how I became a “Sheeple”

Source:Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Conspiracy theorists love a good sheep; they are easy to manipulate and mislead for nefarious ends. But what happens when the sheep herd themselves? I recently participated in a hilarious anti-vax Twitter thread that discussed the claim that the new mRNA vaccines used in the fight against COVID-19 will “kill everyone.” Here is what I learned about how disinformation is spread. It may surprise you.

The Claim

Go Big or Go Home

In a shock announcement, NASA has chosen to land a five-story skyscraper on the Moon. This is not hyperbole, NASA’s selection of the Spacex-designed Starship Lunar Lander, intended to place the first woman on the Moon, promises to up-end aerospace boardrooms around the globe. While the announcement itself comes as a welcome surprise, it also sends a clear message to a complacent industry…times have changed.

Public Private Partnership

NASA has had a great deal of success utilizing public/private partnerships in the past decade. These new partnerships are delivering capabilities faster and cheaper than the traditional method of government-micromanaged/cost-plus contracting.

The partnerships are successful…

Spacex Shows Americans a Way Forward

To many Americans, Elon Musk’s Starship project looks like a billionaire’s boondoggle that prioritizes personal ambition over terrestrial imperatives. This cynicism is not deserved. On the contrary, the success of Spacex and Starship could be one of the most important milestones in modern human history and a lesson for America as it journeys deeper into an uncertain 21st century.

The Next Big Thing

Far from a personal boondoggle, the Starship rocket represents a quantum leap in space access capability and affordability that cannot be overstated. …

When “Go Big” Can Be Too Much

The vaccine roll-out is going well, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are plunging, and the economy is forecast to boom, so why is Biden calling for a $1.9 Trillion “rescue” plan? A stimulus package of this size doesn’t make sense right now, and such a large package may ultimately cause more harm than its worth.

Rescuing America

Congress has already spent huge sums of money in the fight against Covid-19. Leaving aside actions by the Federal Reserve, which themselves amount to trillions of dollars of lending into the economy, the United States Congress has already passed three major stimulus bills.

The f irst…

Why it Could Happen Again

The crowd shouted “kill him with his own gun” as they attempted to break into the Capitol building and force elected officials to illegally install Trump as a de facto American dictator. Let us not mince words, what happened on January 6th has no precedent in American history. But whether Trump is legally responsible for the insurrection is ultimately beside the point. The real question is what drove these individuals to rebel against the very nation they claim to cherish so dearly.

The Big Lie

It’s easy to blame the “Big Lie,” the false notion that the election was “stolen” by Biden, for…

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