Another Stimulus is Nice, But This is Better

As Congress Fumbles on More Stimulus, They Miss the Point Entirely

Why We Hate Taxes

The government needs money to operate; taxes are the price of civilization. But how we tax makes an enormous difference on how those taxes affect us. Isn’t is rather odd that we tax “good” things? Why tax people on their income when they worked to hard to earn it? Why tax sales when my purchases help support business activity? Taxes like these don’t only suck money out of our pocketbooks, they give rise to a hidden demon: dead-weight loss.

Doing Taxes Right

So what is the answer? R eplace all taxes…income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, excise taxes…etc with four main taxes: Land Value Taxes, Severance Taxes, Pigovian Taxes, and Estate Taxes. That’s it. No other taxes.

A Better Future

Together, these four taxes could replace the leaky, inefficient tax code that we have today. They would unlock huge amounts of pent-up economic activity and while helping restore economic justice. There is no logical reason not to chuck the tax code and start over. The pandemic provides the perfect opportunity to write a new tax code that works for America and its people.

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