"Suddenly the Land of the Free became the land of unemployment and mass detainments and bread lines."

I don't see where you are getting this.

I have seen no "mass detainments." I have seen some arrests due to anti-maskers throwing fits at Walmart/Costco, but that is the action of private companies...not an "totalitarian" government stifling freedom.

These "bread lines" you refer to have nothing to do with government rationing, as seems to be implied, but rather mass panic buying of stables, as is common during an emergency.

As for unemployment, the government stepped in an provided backstops against mass unemployment. If we were to have followed the Libertarian route, with no FED action, no stimulus, no help, you could expect the country to be on borderline civil war by now. The libertarian route WOULD see real breadlines.

The counter point would be, without the lockdowns, we wouldn't have had the unemployment in the first place, but this is not true. Mass deaths from Covid-19 would have been vastler higher, it would have overwhelmed the healthcare system, and led to people hunkering down in the homes even more....not spending, not travelling.

Libertarianism is premised on the do no harm principle, which it precisely why it collapses on itself.

The government failing to take action causes harm. Individuals who parade their "freedom" to not wear masks cause harm.

Libertarianism sounds great on paper, but we are social beings, we are individuals yes, but we still all owe and depend on another. Denying the latter itself leads to tyranny.

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