1. The measures that Trump has taken, in large part, began when unemployment was at a historic low. So you are incorrect.

2) There is a difference between “work visas” and immigration visas. All due respect, I don’t think you really know much about the immigration system. Trump was expediting and easing requirements for guest workers to come to the USA as recently as April ( https://cis.org/Vaughan/Trump-Waves-Seasonal-Foreign-Workers-Pandemic-Peaks ) when millions of Americans were already unemployed.

The Trump immigration restrictions are aimed at preventing people from coming to the US and staying, but he is apparently fine with people temporarily working in US and taking their paychecks back home with them.

3) None of above matters anyway, as immigration is a net positive for jobs and growth (see the article) Any suggestion that Trump’s moves have anything to do with jobs is absurd.

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