The United “Sick Man” of America

Here are the Four Horsemen threatening to End America’s Superpower Status

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The First Horseman that is leading the charge to America’s decline is a signature feature of the Trump administration: hostility toward immigrants, immigration, and xenophobia in general. I have written about the broader topic before, but it is worth taking a particular look at the actions that this administration has taken against skilled immigrants. While Trump and his supporters claim to be taking a stance against illegal immigration only, the rhetoric does not correspond with reality. Since taking office, the Trump administration has:

Why This is Bad News

The United States’ rise to superpower status was driving by entrepreneurial and inventive immigrants. In the US, a staggering 45% of Fortune 500 companies (Americas most valuable companies) were started by immigrants or their children. Together, these companies brought in $6.1 trillion of revenue in 2018 alone. Immigrants overall have founded 20% of all American businesses. Immigrants have and continue to create a massive amount of wealth for the US. Far from “taking our jobs,” immigration is “jobs engine.”

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