What Drove Us to Insurrection?

Why it Could Happen Again

The Big Lie

It’s easy to blame the “Big Lie,” the false notion that the election was “stolen” by Biden, for the events of January 6th. But this may be an oversimplification. The Big Lie is not the cause, but is rather a convenient rationalization for actions that participants knew was illegal and wrong.

Cogitative Dissonance

The true cause of Jan 6th’s insurrection is, my view, is cognitive dissonance. We have generations of Americans raised on the unquestionable notion that America is the best there is. They were taught that America is a God-given land of near perfection, and that living in America guarantees one a quality of life that exceeds all other nations of the world.

A Cult

Disillusionment and disfranchisement are ripe conditions for “strongmen” appeal. Trump was able to tap into this frustration by casting himself as an outsider who “alone” could right the wrongs of the nation and “bring back” the America that was before.

The Post Trump Era

While the Big Lie was false, the feelings of frustration and insecurities of those who participated in the insurrection are very real. The lessons, however, are thus far unlearned. While politicians debate whether Trump is responsible for the insurrection, the question we should be asking is how will D.C. regain the trust of the American people?

Radical #Moderate and Pragmatic #Futurist | #PolySci Undergrad | MS in Leadership | Founder of the Lianeon Project: http: www.lianeon.org

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